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Neil Mobsby
Neil Mobsby

Above the entrance to the college is a sign - “Striving to be the best” – a goal for all of us to aim for, in a continuing effort to improve. Our aim is to provide the best environment for our students to prosper and to have the opportunity to be their best. Our learning environment seeks to provide the best blend of educational experiences, both inside and outside the classroom; to maintain the highest standards of academic success and at the same time allowing our students the opportunities to develop their own interests and to chart their own course for the future; to find the correct balance between the discipline of a Chinese education and the freedom of a Western one.

For myself, this is the tenth year I have had the privilege and enjoyment of teaching at SCIE, and now, as principal, I am taking over responsibility for the whole college. From the last seven years as deputy, in charge of the academic programme, I am keenly aware of all that we have done in developing the college and aim to continue our developments which have led to so much success for our students and to prepare for our expansion into our new school site over the next couple of years.

Our environment is challenging and international, with our focus on the development of English skills which has helped our students achieve their outstanding examination results and to earn their excellent university placements but this has also been due to the welcoming environment and atmosphere of shared respect, allowing our students to develop social-responsibility, creativity and initiative in all that they do.

To be a successful student at SCIE is not easy, requiring a strong commitment to study throughout the time here as well as making the time to pursue other interests. We welcome students who have the enthusiasm to succeed with us and who will join our community, making friends and gaining treasured memories that they will cherish in the bright future ahead.






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